Free iphone 4

 The 3 magic steps for your free iPhone:

1) First of all you need to sign-up here
2) Then you'll need to complete ONE offer, and I mean only  one paid offer,  Choose Pingo,
PINGO: (I personally recommend this offer)
Pingo is a long distance call company, that allows you to make national and international calls for a cheap price, this offer is available internationally (meaning everyone can make it), to complete this offer sign up to Pingo and make a deposit of 5$/£ or any other currency, respond to the confirmation email and make a call. Either Paypal or Credit Cards are accepted.
There is no ongoing commitment, it is a one time purchase and it has no pending status, the account verification takes 2 days tops.
3) Finally and even more simple, just share it with some friends (the number will depend on your gift ).

And that is pretty much it, next thing you know you'll be a new Man with a free iPhone 4 in the pocket!
You cannot register two people from the same household. The address of your house should be for only you
You must not register two people under the same IP address
You must not use proxy to hide your IP address to register multiple account
You must use only the email address you use to register on freebiejeebies to register on the company doing the offer.
Please abide by these rules and you will get your phone.